So Sweet Clothing!

This is a new and very small brand that I have recently started. In July 2012 I released the first 'line' of 2 tees and 2 vest. Now, in October, I have been able to make it to the second release. The Autumn/Winter 2012 range.
I've been influenced by indie brands such as Arkaik, Drop Dead, Johnny Cupcakes and many more and one day I hope to be at least half as successful as they are!
I'm also of fan of post hardcore/ pop punk/ metalcore bands such as A Day To Remember, Of Mice & Men, The Word Alive, Escape The Fate, Blessthefall, Falling In Reverse, Pierce The Veil, Memphis May Fire, Attack Attack, I could go on with much more. So you'll see a lot of music related posts as well as clothing.
I really hope to make something of this and any form of help is greatly appriciated, whether it be from buying several tees to simply sharing/reblogging a post.
Website - (I Will be shipping world wide once Autumn/Winter line is released)
Instagram - sosweetclothing

:] x